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Traveling is only fun when you're safe!

The Best India Tour Money Can Mumbai


The home of the richest city in India, bustling and busy Mumbai is considered to be the entertainment capital of India. Mumbai, famous for Bollywood glamour and being the birthplace of Indian films, is the epitome of the joie de vivre of India. Tour East’s India tours now offers an incredible Mumbai extension tour that boasts three unbelievable days in the busiest city in India. Picture three extra incredible days filled with festivals, theatres and music. This privately guided tour will help travellers see the best of the best that Mumbai has to give!

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5 Things To Make Your Short Term Rental Apartment More Enjoyable

Vacation Rental Apartment

Whether you’re traveling on vacation or visiting an unfamiliar city for personal reasons, staying in a short term furnished apartment rental provides more bang for the buck than the traditional hotel room. Even upscale hotels offer a generic ambiance that most people don’t find completely relaxing. Furnished apartments have significantly more character than their hotel room counterparts, but some travelers nonetheless find them lacking in that extra something that makes a set of rooms seem like a home. Following are five ways maximize personal enjoyment while staying in a short term rental.

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Get The Right Vaccine Shots Before Your Vacation

Travel Clinic

It’s especially important to look after your health if you plan on journeying abroad. One of the best ways to do this is to visit a travel clinic before you depart so that you can get the necessary vaccinations. This is particularly essential if you plan on visiting an area where sanitation standards are lower and certain diseases are known to be widespread.

There are many walk-in clinics that offer vaccinations that can safeguard you from a variety of diseases. It’s best to visit a travel clinic at least a few weeks before you travel since many of these vaccines are administered over the course of a few sessions.

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A Travel Checklist

Travel Safety

Have you ever gone on a vacation only to have reached your destination and realize that you have forgotten to pack your medicine? This is a common occurrence amongst many travelers who do not make a travel checklist. A travel checklist is a must for anyone who is planning to travel for whatever reason. There is nothing more frustrating than […]

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Travel Safety Tips Are An Important Part Of Every Trip

Travel Safety

No matter where you travel it is always important to follow certain tips to keep you safe. Whenever you go to an unfamiliar place it is very easy to become distracted, and that is when you are vulnerable to the local thieves. With that in mind, here are some important travel safety tips that are simple to follow. The first […]

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Tips On How To Save Money While On Vacation


Traveling can be an exciting adventure full of fun and unexpected surprises. The cost of traveling, however, can be a major concern to people on a budget. Everything from hotels and car rentals to plane tickets and even food can be a huge expense. If you’re itching to get away on a trip, but don’t want to drain your bank […]

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Golf Resorts: The Best Of Both Worlds


Do you love golf and to travel to exotic locations? Why not combine two passions and make a vacation out of it? There are golf resorts worldwide to choose from. Select the one that you find the most appealing. Chances are you’ll find a luxury resort that fits your needs. Imagine practicing your swing while having the time of your […]

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What You Need When Traveling Abroad


When you have plans to travel abroad, there is a lot to think with what you need to bring while you are away. Of course, you don’t want to take too much, but you don’t want to have to buy a lot of items overseas because you took too little. Everyday items can cost a lot more money overseas than […]

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