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5 Things To Make Your Short Term Rental Apartment More Enjoyable

Vacation Rental Apartment

Whether you’re traveling on vacation or visiting an unfamiliar city for personal reasons, staying in a short term furnished apartment rental provides more bang for the buck than the traditional hotel room. Even upscale hotels offer a generic ambiance that most people don’t find completely relaxing. Furnished apartments have significantly more character than their hotel room counterparts, but some travelers nonetheless find them lacking in that extra something that makes a set of rooms seem like a home. Following are five ways maximize personal enjoyment while staying in a short term rental.

1. Discover the Neighborhood Hangouts

Instead of automatically patronizing the nearest chain restaurants, look for small, privately owned coffee shops and cafes that cater to a local clientele base. These establishments offer unique environments rich in regional flavor that provide a homelike experience. Take a look at Yelp or TripAdvisor to check out reviews of some of the place you are thinking to visit.

2. Green it Up

Visit the local home and garden center and find a small, indoor herb garden to brighten up your temporary kitchen. This provides a fresh, green accent as well as a way to add unique flavor to your meals. Choose chives for chopping into morning scrambled eggs, baby dill for sprinkling over fried fish, and oregano for stirring into pasta dishes.

3. Cook

One of the main advantages that furnished apartments have over hotel rooms is that they come with full kitchens. Take advantage of that when you’re not off enjoying the newly discovered neighborhood hangouts by whipping up delicious things to eat and drink. Preparing coffee the first thing in the morning provides a wonderful aroma that fills the room with warmth. A small slow cooker filled with a simmering, savory stew or soup transforms short term rentals into cozy family homes.

4. Keep Connected

Stay connected with the loved ones at home by bringing along a laptop and sharing conversations and photographs via social media. Be sure to publish interesting posts on your social media accounts to keep family and friends interested and engaged during your absence. Taking lots of pictures of area attractions and sharing them online creates an interactive experience that makes home seem near no matter how far away you really are.

5. Follow Your Nose

The sense of smell is strongly connected to memory, so make furnished apartments feel like home by lighting a candle in familiar and well-loved scent. For instance, if the smell of apple pie baking in the oven takes you back to a place and time that you associate with ultimate warmth and comfort, choose that specific scent for a candle or room freshener. You can even purchase these items in scents such as freshly baked bread and newly mown grass.

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