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The Best India Tour Money Can Mumbai



The home of the richest city in India, bustling and busy Mumbai is considered to be the entertainment capital of India. Mumbai, famous for Bollywood glamour and being the birthplace of Indian films, is the epitome of the joie de vivre of India. Tour East’s India tours now offers an incredible Mumbai extension tour that boasts three unbelievable days in the busiest city in India. Picture three extra incredible days filled with festivals, theatres and music. This privately guided tour will help travellers see the best of the best that Mumbai has to give!

Enchanting Elephanta Caves

Only a short distance from Mumbai, the astonishing Elephanta Caves are a series of sculpted caves on Elephanta Island in Mumbai Harbour. This part of the India tours includes a boat ride to the mystical Elephanta Caves filled with spiritual carvings representing both the Hindu and Buddhist groups. Estimated to have been sculpted between the 5th and 8th centuries, the carved caves are made out of solid basalt rock and features unbelievable statues, shrines and carvings the likes of which will boggle the any traveller’s mind.

Go with Gandhi at the Gandhi Museum

What better way to experience India than to learn about one of its most famous icons? The Gandhi Museum and Library is a great tribute to the great man filled with some of his greatest achievements and a preserved room that Gandhi himself stayed in featuring two of his spinning wheels and his floor bed. Visited by Barrack Obama in 2010, the museum is also home to the terrace on which Gandhi himself was arrested in 1932. A great learning experience for anyone interested in learning more about one of the world’s most well-known peace-advocates, the Mani Bhavan Gandhi museum is perfect for vacationers looking to know more!

The great Gateway of India

Built during the British Rule in Mumbai the Gateway of India, also known as the Taj Mahal of Mumbai, is a gorgeous structure set on the edge of the Mumbai Harbour. With this India travel package, vacationers have the opportunity to see one of Mumbai’s proudest structures, the place where important visitors would land on their arrival in India. Significantly towering against the horizon, it would be the first thing visitors would see upon their arrival by boat. Tour East Holidays opens the gate to travellers and helps them see the best of Mumbai in one three day extension!

Book your India Tour today at Tour East Holidays.

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5 Things To Make Your Short Term Rental Apartment More Enjoyable

Vacation Rental Apartment

Vacation Rental Apartment

Whether you’re traveling on vacation or visiting an unfamiliar city for personal reasons, staying in a short term furnished apartment rental provides more bang for the buck than the traditional hotel room. Even upscale hotels offer a generic ambiance that most people don’t find completely relaxing. Furnished apartments have significantly more character than their hotel room counterparts, but some travelers nonetheless find them lacking in that extra something that makes a set of rooms seem like a home. Following are five ways maximize personal enjoyment while staying in a short term rental.

1. Discover the Neighborhood Hangouts

Instead of automatically patronizing the nearest chain restaurants, look for small, privately owned coffee shops and cafes that cater to a local clientele base. These establishments offer unique environments rich in regional flavor that provide a homelike experience. Take a look at Yelp or TripAdvisor to check out reviews of some of the place you are thinking to visit.

2. Green it Up

Visit the local home and garden center and find a small, indoor herb garden to brighten up your temporary kitchen. This provides a fresh, green accent as well as a way to add unique flavor to your meals. Choose chives for chopping into morning scrambled eggs, baby dill for sprinkling over fried fish, and oregano for stirring into pasta dishes.

3. Cook

One of the main advantages that furnished apartments have over hotel rooms is that they come with full kitchens. Take advantage of that when you’re not off enjoying the newly discovered neighborhood hangouts by whipping up delicious things to eat and drink. Preparing coffee the first thing in the morning provides a wonderful aroma that fills the room with warmth. A small slow cooker filled with a simmering, savory stew or soup transforms short term rentals into cozy family homes.

4. Keep Connected

Stay connected with the loved ones at home by bringing along a laptop and sharing conversations and photographs via social media. Be sure to publish interesting posts on your social media accounts to keep family and friends interested and engaged during your absence. Taking lots of pictures of area attractions and sharing them online creates an interactive experience that makes home seem near no matter how far away you really are.

5. Follow Your Nose

The sense of smell is strongly connected to memory, so make furnished apartments feel like home by lighting a candle in familiar and well-loved scent. For instance, if the smell of apple pie baking in the oven takes you back to a place and time that you associate with ultimate warmth and comfort, choose that specific scent for a candle or room freshener. You can even purchase these items in scents such as freshly baked bread and newly mown grass.

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Get The Right Vaccine Shots Before Your Vacation

Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic

It’s especially important to look after your health if you plan on journeying abroad. One of the best ways to do this is to visit a travel clinic before you depart so that you can get the necessary vaccinations. This is particularly essential if you plan on visiting an area where sanitation standards are lower and certain diseases are known to be widespread.

There are many walk-in clinics that offer vaccinations that can safeguard you from a variety of diseases. It’s best to visit a clinic at least a few weeks before you travel since many of these vaccines are administered over the course of a few sessions.

Hepatitis A and B

Hepatitis A and B can cause serious liver damage and are commonly found in contaminated food and water. To get the vaccines, you’ll be asked to come to a clinic at least one month before your departure. For the best protection possible, it’s actually advisable to start getting your shots six months in advance. Two doses of the hepatitis A vaccine and three doses of the hepatitis B vaccine will be needed for full protection.


Caused by a type of bacteria, typhoid commonly results in problems such as headaches, stomach pains and high fevers. Depending on the travel clinic you visit, you’ll usually be given the option of receiving a single shot two weeks before your departure or taking capsules orally every other day for a week.


Many animals are known to carry rabies and can transmit the deadly virus if you’re ever bitten. Symptoms of this condition often mimic signs of the common flu and are usually accompanied by feelings of delirium or panic. Vaccinations for rabies are administered in three doses over the course of three or four weeks.

Yellow Fever

The virus that causes this condition can severely affect the kidneys, liver and lymph nodes. Transmission occurs through mosquito bites. A single dose of the vaccine can protect you for up to 10 years, and full protection can be enjoyed one week after receiving it.


Although this illness has essentially been eradicated throughout most of North America, the condition still exists in other parts of the world. Once the virus enters the body, it lives in the throat and intestinal tract and can cause debilitating effects. If you weren’t vaccinated as a child, you should visit one of the walk-in clinics near you to receive three doses of the vaccine over the course of a year.


If you have ever had a case of chickenpox and are over the age of 60, you may be prone to develop shingles. The vaccine to protect against this painful skin condition is given in just a single dose and can help the immune system suppress the virus.

If travel is in your future, you should take all the necessary precautions to keep your health intact while you’re away. Getting the proper travel vaccines in advance can ensure your safety as you explore another part of the world.

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A Travel Checklist

Travel Safety

Have you ever gone on a vacation only to have reached your destination and realize that you have forgotten to pack your medicine? This is a common occurrence amongst many travelers who do not make a travel checklist. A travel checklist is a must for anyone who is planning to travel for whatever reason. There is nothing more frustrating than arriving at your destination and realizing that you have less something very important at home.

A checklist is easy to do and it is best to do it well in advance of your trip. The reason for this is that you will continually add additional items onto your checklist. When you make this type of checklist you should also break it into a variety of categories. For example, you should have a category for important personal items such as medicine, a category for clothes, a category for toiletries, a category for fun and entertainment, and so forth.

Doing a checklist well in advance of your trip will assure you that everything will be packed. This assurance will allow you to enjoy the beginning of your trip and you will not have to worry about forgetting any of your items at home. On the day of your trip as you pack everything on your checklist you can simply cross the item out as you pack thus showing that it is now packed.

Your checklist should also include a “to do list”. The “to do list” will include important things to do such as locking all of the doors and windows in your home, turning off the gas and water, canceling any newspaper and postal deliveries, informing your neighbors that you will not be at home, taking your family pet to a pet shelter, and other important tasks.

Going on a family vacation or on a business trip is a lot more enjoyable when you prepare a checklist for traveling. If you have children you should get them to do their own checklist which will teach them a valuable lesson that they will remember for the rest of their lives. It is amazing to see how many people do not do this type of checklist before traveling. These people inevitably leave something important behind.

Therefore, do yourself a big favor and always incorporate a checklist well in advance of any traveling arrangements. This will be especially important if your destination is to an exotic location for a well-deserved vacation.

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Travel Safety Tips Are An Important Part Of Every Trip

Travel Safety

No matter where you travel it is always important to follow certain tips to keep you safe. Whenever you go to an unfamiliar place it is very easy to become distracted, and that is when you are vulnerable to the local thieves. With that in mind, here are some important travel safety tips that are simple to follow.

The first thing any traveller should do is research the destination you are going to. Have an itinerary that you can leave at home with someone just in case they need to contact you. If you plan on driving, have a maps and GPS system to help guide you along. Think about joining an organization such as AAA that can help plan your trip, but most of all which is very important is that they offer roadside assistance.

When travelling to a foreign country, you will need a current valid passport. If you don’t have one then check out the U.S. State Department’s website to apply or renew your passport. If you do plan on driving in the foreign country it is important to check to see if your license is valid there. In some instances you will need an international driving permit in order to drive a car.

Always keep the local U.S. consulate or embassy’s address and phone number handy. Register with the U.S. State Department to make it simpler for the U.S. government to help should you find yourself in an emergency situation.

Make photocopies of your airline tickets, visa, passport and keep one set of copies in a safe place and leave other copies at home with someone you trust. Speak with your insurance company to see what is valid if you travel outside the country. You may have to purchase additional travel insurance depending on where you’re going. This is important since health related emergencies can get quite expensive without insurance.

Travel safety tips should also include what you bring along with you. Always travel light, and never take valuables that you don’t need. If you do bring expensive items keep them in a secure place, preferably a hotel safe if that is where you are staying. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, and be wary of all strangers.

Easy to follow safety tips while travelling are important to know because without them you could find yourself in a vulnerable situation. Keep these tips in mind whenever you take your next trip.

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Tips On How To Save Money While On Vacation


Traveling can be an exciting adventure full of fun and unexpected surprises. The cost of traveling, however, can be a major concern to people on a budget. Everything from hotels and car rentals to plane tickets and even food can be a huge expense. If you’re itching to get away on a trip, but don’t want to drain your bank account, you have to travel smart. This means taking advantage of discounts and cheap offers where you can, which often means traveling in a somewhat non-traditional way. Instead of purchasing a plane ticket blindly, shop around. Rather than stay at expensive hotels, consider shopping for furnished apartments to help reduce your overall costs.

Avoiding Hotels to Save Money

It still surprises some people how expensive hotel rooms can be. If you’re planning on taking a vacation for more than a few days, hotel costs can quickly bust your entire budget. How much you are willing to sacrifice in terms of amenities will determine how much you will be able to save. Young people often like to stay in hostels, but the comfort level may not be adequate for some travelers. Some people like to camp or rent an RV to use as lodging, but this may not be possible for certain destinations. If you’re committed to staying in hotels, you may be able to find great rates by not being picky about specific locations and companies. You can also use short term rentals if you’re not worried about things like room service and chamber maids.

Taking Advantage of Short Term Rentals

There are lots of people worldwide who own apartments and condos that don’t live in them year round. In order to make up the costs of their rent or mortgage, they rent out their space as a short or long term vacation rental. The cost of such a rental will almost always be far less per day than a comparable quality hotel room. Make sure the places you stay are furnished apartments, as you wouldn’t want to drag furniture around with you. It’s a good idea to check out photos of the rental before you sign your final agreement.

Finding the Right Vacation Rental

There are thousands of websites and services out there that claim to help travelers find the perfect rental for their vacation. Of course, not all websites and services are created equally. Your first step should be to see if anyone you know has a rental in a location you are looking to travel. You can find this information by calling your friends, or even better, make a few Facebook, Twitter or Google+ posts requesting if anyone has a vacation rental they’re willing to share. You can usually find much better deals among friends than you would through pure commercial means, and you may even be able to take advantage of rentals that are owned by people in your extended social network. These are deals that you may normally never be able to take advantage of.

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Golf Resorts: The Best Of Both Worlds

Do you love golf and to travel to exotic locations? Why not combine two passions and make a vacation out of it? There are golf resorts worldwide to choose from. Select the one that you find the most appealing. Chances are you’ll find a luxury resort that fits your needs. Imagine practicing your swing while having the time of your life. It’s possible when you choose a golf resort as your travel destination.

Here’s what you should look for before you book your accommodations:

1. If you paid for a package, what restrictions does it have? Are you only able to travel during certain times of the year? Are you paying for extras that you won’t use? Does it include lodging, meals, and time on green or are there additional fees for these amenities? It’s important to read the fine print so you get the best deal available.

2. Are you planning on doing anything outside the resort? If so, how will you travel to other attractions? Does the resort offer a shuttle service or private driver? Will you need to rent a car to get from one location to the next? This should be factored in whenever you’re comparing prices for golf resorts in the area that you’re visiting.

3. What hours is the golf course open? Will you be available to play a game or two daily or will work obligations interfere with your putting time? Do you know what the weather forecast is? Lightning storms shut golf courses down. Keep this in mind when making your final preparations. The last thing you want to do is stay inside when you can be out on the green hitting a hole-in-one.

Golf resorts allow you to think outside-the-box and create the vacation of your dreams. Because your accommodations are located close to the golf course, you don’t need to make special arrangements to play. In fact, you can spend as much time as you want perfecting your swing when you book this type of lodging.

If you’ve forgotten something, never fear! That’s what the clubhouse is for. You can pick up extra tees and golf balls while you’re there. You can even rent golf clubs from some locations. This allows you to travel light from your home to your destination. You can arrive to the golf course ready for the day fairly easily.

A golf resort vacation is in your future. By taking time in advance to plan your trip, you save yourself money and sanity. Few surprises will throw you off guard when you’ve already heard the weather forecast, looked over what’s included in your holiday package, and made transportation arrangements. You can even fly to your destination with very little hassle by leaving your golf clubs at home and renting a set from the resort’s clubhouse. Very few details of your trip can’t be arranged in advance. Even then, adaptations can be made to ensure that you enjoy every minute at the golf resort of your choice.

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What You Need When Traveling Abroad


When you have plans to travel abroad, there is a lot to think with what you need to bring while you are away. Of course, you don’t want to take too much, but you don’t want to have to buy a lot of items overseas because you took too little. Everyday items can cost a lot more money overseas than they do at home. There is a balance between taking too much and taking too little, and once you differentiate what is necessary to bring versus unnecessary, you will find that balance.

Type of Clothing – Think about your image while you are traveling abroad. You don’t want to be a target, so you should dress conservatively to be on the safe side. Stay away from bringing expensive clothing, and don’t bring your expensive jewelry. When you wear expensive jewelry and clothing, you give off the appearance of an affluent tourist. Consequently, that puts the target on you. Eliminate the expensive jewelry and clothing to be safe while traveling abroad.

Always Pack Light – Once you choose the right clothing to bring, keep in mind that it is best to pack light. You don’t want to have to carry a lot of luggage from place to place while abroad. If you travel light, you won’t be as tired, and you won’t be tempted to leave your luggage sitting anywhere unattended. This would result in a security and safety problems.

Glasses, Contact Lenses and Medications – If you wear contacts or glasses, you always want to bring an extra pair. You may not use them, but you want to be prepared for the unexpected. This applies to any medications you are taking as well. If you take medications daily, make sure you have a double amount in case you lose any. Plan ahead and have your doctor give you an extra prescription just in case something happens. If you take a maintenance medication like heart medication or insulin, always be sure you have extra when you travel. Keep your prescribed medications in the original prescription bottle that indicates your name and prescription information on it. This will keep you from being slowed down going through customs.

Money – You do want to bring money with you when you travel, but you don’t want to take too much. You should bring some credit cards and extra cash, but you need to lock them in a hotel safe while you are there. Having a money belt is a good idea for concealing money while you are away. You want to keep yourself from being a target to thieves.

Passport – You should always carry an extra passport or copies of your passport when you travel. This is something you can keep in the hotel safe along with extra money.

Calling Cards – Calling cards are a great way to connect with family while overseas. Calling cards are probably the cheapest way to call home.
Traveler’s Checks – It’s always a good idea to travel with traveler’s checks, but you should keep a list of the serial numbers in case they get lost or stolen. Make a copy of your list and give it to a family member or friend in case you must have the checks traced.

When you travel abroad, you want to bring only the things you need for financial, medical, security or safety reasons. Travel light, it’s the most efficient way to travel!

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