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Get The Right Vaccine Shots Before Your Vacation

Travel Clinic

It’s especially important to look after your health if you plan on journeying abroad. One of the best ways to do this is to visit a travel clinic before you depart so that you can get the necessary vaccinations. This is particularly essential if you plan on visiting an area where sanitation standards are lower and certain diseases are known to be widespread.

There are many walk-in clinics that offer vaccinations that can safeguard you from a variety of diseases. It’s best to visit a clinic at least a few weeks before you travel since many of these vaccines are administered over the course of a few sessions.

Hepatitis A and B

Hepatitis A and B can cause serious liver damage and are commonly found in contaminated food and water. To get the vaccines, you’ll be asked to come to a clinic at least one month before your departure. For the best protection possible, it’s actually advisable to start getting your shots six months in advance. Two doses of the hepatitis A vaccine and three doses of the hepatitis B vaccine will be needed for full protection.


Caused by a type of bacteria, typhoid commonly results in problems such as headaches, stomach pains and high fevers. Depending on the travel clinic you visit, you’ll usually be given the option of receiving a single shot two weeks before your departure or taking capsules orally every other day for a week.


Many animals are known to carry rabies and can transmit the deadly virus if you’re ever bitten. Symptoms of this condition often mimic signs of the common flu and are usually accompanied by feelings of delirium or panic. Vaccinations for rabies are administered in three doses over the course of three or four weeks.

Yellow Fever

The virus that causes this condition can severely affect the kidneys, liver and lymph nodes. Transmission occurs through mosquito bites. A single dose of the vaccine can protect you for up to 10 years, and full protection can be enjoyed one week after receiving it.


Although this illness has essentially been eradicated throughout most of North America, the condition still exists in other parts of the world. Once the virus enters the body, it lives in the throat and intestinal tract and can cause debilitating effects. If you weren’t vaccinated as a child, you should visit one of the walk-in clinics near you to receive three doses of the vaccine over the course of a year.


If you have ever had a case of chickenpox and are over the age of 60, you may be prone to develop shingles. The vaccine to protect against this painful skin condition is given in just a single dose and can help the immune system suppress the virus.

If travel is in your future, you should take all the necessary precautions to keep your health intact while you’re away. Getting the proper travel vaccines in advance can ensure your safety as you explore another part of the world.

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